It has been nearly a year now with severe depression that has caused me to not sleep and if I do sleep, I hardly go into a dream like or REM sleep but rather my mind is always turned on. I am not exhausted like I was in past depressions but very alert, almost too alert, and have a high level of worry and anxiety, yet I am not tired. I know some may say that is a blessing to have energy, but it really isn't when it is such negative energy and anxiety. The strangest thing is that I am really not very tired until recently, and now I only get tired late at night, fall asleep for a few hours, and am right back to laying in bed with my mind turned on. Has anyone experienced this type of insomnia? What do you do for it? Do you take meds or have you found anything to help?
naturalhealing naturalhealing 31-35, M 4 Answers Mar 24, 2012

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Its happened to me a few times

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I have insomnia so I don't sleep much but I do drink caffeine and I am exhausted.

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