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My meme' used to make slip and slides everywhere with hoses, sprinklers, and on her smooth driveway when it rained. Well, growing up going to waterfalls in New England, I decided to out rank my mom and go straight to my meme' around the age of 12 and asked her if I could go down a waterfall that was about 55+ feet high. I got up there, shooshed myself of, lost my swimsuit, disrupted a tour at the bottom of the waterfall, and had to walk about 100 feet back up the path of some 50+ people coming down the mountain and stairs toward me as I passed them.

Lesson: Waterfalls are not really big and awesome slip and slides.


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So, one winter day when I was about 10(it had snowed heavily the night before) I donned my puffy snow gear and headed outside, feeling secure in the knowledge that the ample puff in my suit would protect me from any heathen who dares to throw a snowball.

Turns out, aside from being great snowball snow, it was also perfect for sledding.

I grabbed my circular black sled, took a running start and leapt belly first onto the board..It was all going great, sliding swiftly across the landscape. In fact, I found it to be so great that I wasn't looking where I was going and went headfirst into a tree, at the same time, my sled unceremoniously dumped me off to the side like a sack of meat as it ran up the tree.

Lesson - Look where you are going.

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Hahaha I love that! That's great thank you !

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