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allyvanilla allyvanilla 26-30, F 2 Answers Aug 22 in Community

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I have never come across this condition before, but it makes sense. the optic nerve seems to be "cross wired" with other factual information in your brain. Rather like the pre digital tests of using video in the cinema, where a passing taxi (radio) could corrupt the colour.

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You are right! People with synesthesia condition have crossed wired senses in their brain

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Do you find that the messages have any relationship with the visual spectrum. If you do it backwards, what do you see for ROYGBIV (colours I mean) Red...Orange...Yellow...Green...Blue...Indigo...Violet.?

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Yes.. For roygbiv I see red orange yellow green yellow pink blue

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That is very interesting, their does seem to be some similarity to the visual spectrum. If you think of the spectral colours, what does it spell. Also as a child, were you aware of the spectral colours? It seems to go astray on "blue, Indigo, Violet. As children we are less aware of these colours.

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