Wilbury Wilbury 41-45, M 5 Answers Oct 7, 2012 in Loss of a Pet

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hello, Wilbury

i've never yet blocked anyone anywhere

so... c'mon... tell robbie what bad you done to warrant a block?

............. just in confidence.... no one is listening ;-))

respect, from robbie

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No reason except I admit that I am a frequent blocker.

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oh? i just don't understand blocking... i have asked many times... no one has yet been able to explain it... well, not in a way that i can understand. oh well, i respect your right, robbie. BTW... do i get blocked now? someone did that the last time i asked about blocking.

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Not by me. Yet.

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ooooh..... excited now, by the implied threat. thank you and respect, from robbie

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Not me!

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I only block those who block me ;-)

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