Hint: If people want it by Xmas, order it a week ahead.
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OMG I can't believe the FUSS and FUROR over this thing!!

ok,so you didn't get your 'precious' Xmas gift on's wintertime, the weather's always bad somewhere and these people busted their ***** to do their best under very trying conditions!!

I saw one nasty lady on the news who said she'd never use UPS again........well, sorry for that, lady!!

I would be a little upset, too, but I sure as hell wouldn't go to the extremes some people have...........

So let's put things IN PERSPECTIVE, ok? and just take it as one more little thing we have no control over!!!!!1


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The stores who sold it. they have the deepest pockets... sue em.

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The bulldozers did not clear the roads :/

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The Great Dozer cleared all roads, but UPS package handling and air terminals couldn't handle the volume of last minute on-line shoppers.

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Never get a tractor to a bulldozers job.

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