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None of the above. Wikileaks is a service that has the ability to accept and display divulged secret data from any source and most importantly, resist attacks by lawyers seeking to have wikileaks remove the information.

Wikileaks has defied a number of corporations that are notorious for a no-holds barred approach to protecting their image or getting revenge--the 'church' of scientology is one that's drawing more attention to its misdeeds by demanding wikileaks remove copyrighted material from their website and mirror websites.

This is a definitive 'win' for the goodguys and a nasty black-eye for the bad guys. Wikileaks is entirely unrelated to Wikipedia btw....that's how and why wikipedia is not in any legal trouble.

Do what you can to support Wikileaks.

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every file wikileaks has ever released is now available as a torrent, and over 400,000 people have downloaded another 1.4Gb torrent of unreleased material from wikileaks, which is currently encrypted. If anything happens to Julian Assenge, the key will go public, and 1.4gb of text files that wikileaks decided not to release for the interests of the greater good will go public. It can't be stopped.

wikileaks website went from having six international mirrors last week, to over 500 mirrors today. It can't be stopped.

type this number into your web browser


that takes you to an active wikileaks mirror site, where you can start reading the cables right now if you want. It can't be stopped.

What's that thing they say on the internet?

We are legion. We are many.

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me and julian

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Fox News

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