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A few years ago, I read an article in National Geographic Magazine. It was about India, specifically about the outcastes, the lowest, poorest people in India. It showed a photo of a man who was of this caste. His traditional, inherited job was to clean out septic tanks, toilets and sewers WITH HIS BODY! He had very few tools to work with. And in the hot town in which he lived, since it is not permitted for anyone of a higher caste (the toilet and septic tank owners) to give him any water to wash with, he had to walk in the heat , covered with human excrement for several miles to his home, a small shack with no plumbing, and wash in a drainage ditch. The photo showed him, a dark, rather handsome man who stated he did not know his age but was probably in his early 30s, climbing out of a septic tank, smiling the most beautiful smile, happy to have his picture taken, even covered in human waste. The article stated that it was unusual for a man of this caste doing the work he did to live as long as he had because most of these people die of one of the many diseases to which their work exposes them.

And I complain about my job!

Every time I think of this man, he is my inspiration.

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Me myself and I-

Iam the universe and the universe is me

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My love, who is also my best friend. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving person I have ever known, and he inspires me to be a better person.

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Anyone brave enough to stand up for fairness and take the consequences. Fortunately there are a few examples around - Nelson Mandela in South Africa is obvious, the guy in China who has just won the Nobel Peace Prize would have to be another. Liu Xiaobo. Both imprisoned for their pains.

Was glad to read today that a group of Chinese officials has written a letter asking that freedom of speech be improved in China, though it may not do much good. So he inspired them.


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A friend of mine called, Bond, James Bond (Sean Connery). Because, he has been there, seen it and done it, all. And i'm his only, "Un-catchable Spy". Who's following his foot-steps through the snow.

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Not so good lately .. I don't know why exactly .. maybe I'm just taking so much time focusing on the bad things in my life, and forgetting to enjoy life and nature , kids and chocolate :/

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