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Pastor Arnold Murray opens a letter and reads (para-phrasing): "My boyfriend throws trash anywhere, but not its proper place.he says that he doesn't have to save the Earth because Jesus is coming back and will make the Earth brand-new. My boyfriend says he doesn't want to recycle, etc. because it sounds like 'going green' and that's New Age." Pastor Murray's response: (paraphrase) "Turn on your gray matter, People. They sent up some people to the North to take samples checking for this Global Warming. We had some mighty cold weather, blizzards, snow storms. There is no such thing as global warming. Al Gore wants to enslave us. It's socialism. He wants to tax for global warming. It will cost each family about 3,000 dollars.... To answer your question, the Lord is going to use your boyfriend to pick up the trash. That's good. We need him..." Why do Christians believe Global warming results in warm weather & any cold weather is proof it is false? Why? LOL!
BluOmni BluOmni 31-35, F 2 Answers Apr 27, 2012

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I spent almost a decade as a USCG Marine Sciences Technician... That's Meteorology and Oceanography. To be clear.. .Global Warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earth... Averaged from the temperatures taken everywhere... and they are going up... With more heat in the atmosphere... weather becomes more intense... and air currents can pull cold arctic air further south than they used to... make some areas feel colder than usual.... that's why in some places winter is getting colder.<br />
<br />
The only thing that is in question is... Is Global Warming caused by man? ba<x>sed on what I know.. I believe that it could be.... There are also natural sources of greenhouse gasses... I'm sure it's both contributing. If anything, we are not helping.

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Oh.. and as to why they believe it's not true.... Addressing the problem would cut profits from huge corporations... they pass their memo to the pulpit... to poo poo the idea... so the faithful will vote appropriately... they use the idea that "Man being able to affect the Earth, when God should be keeping it running smoothly." runs counter to their faith.

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Curious to say the very least.

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