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My dentist gives me anti-anxiety pills cause I look so terrified...He once said that he would not start working on my teeth until the drugs kicked in, I asked him what he was on...

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Why would I need to put on a brave face? They aren't that bad.

My sisters were always moaning and groaning and dreading their visits.

When I got my first cavity filled I was dreading it as soon as he started working I was like "what's the big deal?"

Mentally of course I couldn't really use my mouth at the time.

The worst part is simply the jaw ache from holding my mouth open for so long... oh and my tongue getting dried out :(

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i don't i pout and look sad, i moan and groan and raise my hands and kick my feet.

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I tray to extract sympathy.

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I am good...I like going to the dentist!

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Not me. Give me drugs! ;)

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