UPDATE: Reading answeres there seems to be a lot of public school "educated" people who have no clue about the answer this question.
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It seems that no one is currently representing the will of the people, especially me and my views. I'm sure that no one on the news programs believes or understands my position.

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NO ONE represents the will of the people and they NEVER ask the people.

I was NEVER asked if I wanted the Government to go ahead with:

"Operation Fast and Furious"

Where 30,000 USA guns were bought and given to the MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL.

( HEY OBAMA LOVERS GO LOOK IT UP ) "Operation Fast and Furious"

I was NEVER asked if I wanted the government to have a " BLACK BUDGET " for covert and secret projects !

I have had about 3 "TOWN" referendums in my 31 years of being a voter!

( A referendum, also known as "a ballot question" )

Never a state or federal level referendum !

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No one, the only thing represented is the top richest 1%.

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I know 4 damn sure one thing: the will of the vast percentage of the US people is not, has never been, and will never be represented in our government. A shame, but true.

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