My ex wife thats what I call her but shes my boyfriends ex wife. well this summer I let my roots get out there a little. My hair is blonde I just have it lightened. Its long past my bra strap. She thinks I should cut it and have it dyed darker. well my boyfriend is like I wonder how it would look so shes talked to him about my hair. I think since shes a brunett she thinks I should make my hair darker. I think she just wants my hair to be ugly.... Shes jelouse of my long flowing blonde locks I've even noticed shes growing her hair out like mine but wants me to cut mine and dye it. Am I crazy or is she really trying to make me over to be less attractive? Am I paranoid?
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Why are you even talking to your boyfriends EX to begin with?

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He has a 8 year old son whom we all share and I be around her at ball games and when I drop him off. I take him to football practice and she comes out and talks for a min. Sometimes" we" meaning her our son an I of course go out for lunch because he likes us to be friends... So I do its just sometimes the things she says makes me think shes jelouse I'm not jelouse of her because I'm way hotter than she is... Our son I like to call him is why we even go near each other really. I'm new here and knew no one and was lonely and I did go over and hang out with him and her a few times... I know its important for us to get a long because our son wants us to be friends how can you say no to a face like he has... still though about my hair I'm lightening it mtomorrow just to prove I dont nee her advise on my hair its my hair I should do what I feel I'm comfortable with... I'm crazy right?

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No you are not crazy, you are right to do what you want to do and she has no right to try and tell you other wise. I admire you for what you are doing in order to have a better environment for your son. That takes a lot of courage and dedication to do that. You are a wonderful lady. Still I would be cautious around her and keep my eyes and ears open. It never hurts to be alert. Just do not let it make you paranoid.

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Thank you I never thought of myself having courage but your right theres some women who wouldnt be able to handle it like I do... We've all been together 4 years now. I'm very cautious about what I say I dont want her to think I'm not as good. If that makes any sense. Sometimes she shares to much info about there life and I dont like to hear it. Sometimes I feel like she thinks He would come running back if she wanted him again... I think thats just the 2nd woman thing... anyway thanks so much for your reply. Us women sure are difficult and emotional beings... I'll never understand how my mind works...

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My pleasure when I am talking to a rational intelligent person. You will be fine. And let her talk and give you all the info that she wants to. it will only benefit you if there should ever be a need. Just make sure you keep your info to yourself.

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I've learned if you dont want someone to know something keep your mouth shut... It's hard but its for the best...
In my family if you say one little thing the whole family knows with in a few min...

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