People say no one is perfect but Pink says that you are no matter what you do
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Who are these "people" and is Pink not a person? :P

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In my opinion i'm not perfect and i'm comfortable with that knowledge.

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I believe in Beyonce. She said that we flawless.

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Pink? Who...? Pink...Hmmm, pink....

What do you think my brain is made for

Is it just a container for the mind?

This great grey maaaaaatter

Sensei replied, "What is your woman?

Is she just a container for the child?"

That soft pink matter

Cotton caaaandeh, Maaaaajin Buu, ooh ooooooh....

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No one is perfect.

Perfection is a concept and reality is, by definition, imperfect. Therefore, nothing can exist, realistically, and be perfect at the same time.

Pink is being a "feel-good" imbecile.

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The realist.

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you cannot be imperfect as you would be perfect at being imperfect.

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