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starryknight1999 starryknight1999 46-50 8 Answers Nov 7, 2012 in Health

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ya know they said the same thing about legalizing tobacco and you know what happened say it with me. "Lung Cancer" Do you really think Tobacco came tainted when it was illegal? Of course not once it goes legal your going to be looking at the new cancer stick filled with chemicals and toxins so you become addicted and your high doesn't last as long. Plus it is not legal anywhere in the world so fat chance on that one, and no it is not legal in Amsterdam.

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You as a human being should have the natural right to put any substance you want in your body. No rule of law should take away that right unless you as an individual are proven to not do good under a substance that causes you to produce violence and/or infringe on other people's rights. Other than that, this should only be an establishment issue. Nat a state or federal issue.

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and for canada too completely

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