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open2u open2u 56-60, M 7 Answers Oct 19, 2012 in PTSD

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I had problems with restless leg, it wasn't the intent but the anti-anxiety meds I am on seem to do some good for that.

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I have used a drug called pramipexole for this. It seems to be helpful at low doses.<br />
<br />
PLMD and RLS are sometimes partly caused by circulatory problems. Blood flow in the legs is not adequate and you are compelled to move them to coax the blood flow to work. It can be caused also by hydrocephalus. My doctors have not been very good at dealing with the complexities of hydrocephalus. For one thing, it commonly causes decline of brain activity, but has not done so for me. I have no noticeable brain damage and am over 70 years old. My doctors have needed a lot of "convincing" that many of my symptoms (back pain, for instance) were actually being aggravated by hydrocephalus. Lowering the pressure relief setting on my programmable brain shunt has greatly reduced my pain and improved my mobility, but I had to find the medical literature to back up this idea before I could get anybody to try it, especially because there was obvious damage to my spine that could have been the culprit all by itself. My Harvard-educated neurosurgeon was unwilling to try the little pressure adjustment, but I doctor-shopped until I found somebody who would try it. It worked and has greatly reduced my pain while improving my mobility.

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