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My girlfrnd is 21yr old slim n beautiful.She always used to wear too much heavy earrings. She looks more pretty n goseous with those earrings.But it May be harmful to her ears.I always tell her not to wear often but she ignores.Plz tell me what can i do.Those earring weighs too heavy and touches her shoulders.I'm afraid for that if she wears them regularly she will lose her ear lobes in just few months
Rajmlhtr766 Rajmlhtr766 22-25, M 3 Answers Mar 18, 2012

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1. Your fears are ba<x>sed on your imagination, not reality. She won't lose her ears. Your fear is irrational. <br />
2. You are being controlling. Treat her as an intelligent person, and respect her choices. Particularly when your analysis of the problem is completely incorrect, it doesn't qualify you to give her advice.

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not to worry amigo your ear lobes are very stretchy...the worst thing that could happen is she might get thatlong looking hole from the weight stretching it...which is not harmful at all some ppl actually stretch their ears on purpose...if u both like them...let her wear them :) her ears will be fine...well unless shes like in pain then maybe give them a rest

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