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I dont need to sign a contract to show my love or to commit.

Plus i find divorce can be very ugly.

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i married once at age 13 she was killed at 19 i few in love again at 22 she was also killed a little over 19 about 2 weeks before she became my wife, she was killed by her ex.

the third young lady i fell in love with took her own life after a fight with her mother [who was old country poland]

mother just cound not deal witht he fact a person would loved her dispite how she was i knew she was going to see the docotr that monday as i went to work and they hospital did not have an opening for her to see a docotr so she went out side and at on the curd in front of thehospitl and took out a box knife and drew it down the left side of her throat nothing any one could do and i did not even know about the fight tillher mother told me how sorry she was

so i will never even plan on marring any one again i will not lose another to death

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Me its just a bit of paper

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