yelgdab yelgdab 16-17, F 7 Answers Apr 27, 2012

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Yeah - Thats why i came here :-))

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i'm not so talkative but i can listen xd

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If ur under 18 you need to be the one to friend me, go ahead, I'll talk to ya ( 19 F)

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sure,why not

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There are so few people in your age group that if you get a few friends that will be it.

Everyone 18 and over can not put you down as a friend because they can not get to your profile.

So you really can't get too many friends this way. Just keep asking questions and I know people will like you and be friendly to you.

I also want you to know that I have a long list of friends on EP but no one talks to me as a friend so don't look at it as you are missing much on EP.

EP doesn't usually generate real friends so relax you like me don't get that too much. My reason is I am in an older age bracket and you are in the too young bracket. Hope you understand. Replying is nice to let people know you are there like a friend.

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I'm always open to new friends :)

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