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I've just read a story about a teacher you fell and became paralysed in a welly throwing competition. He is suing the adventure company for 5 million pounds. Well I'm sorry but can't an accident simply be an accident anymore? People feel they have the right to always blame others these days. Don't get me wrong obviously there are genuine cases who deserve recompense, but so many just want to make a lot of money.
Janeybird75 Janeybird75 36-40, F 5 Answers Jul 6, 2012

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One word, Lawyers. There are so many good restaurant people that graduated from law school and they need to move up in the world. Only so many can go into messing up government.

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Accountability in this regard serves as yet another disappointment of our so called supposed morally intact and unquestionable justice system! Some people are like vampires out for blood and they suck the government and institutions every chance they get!

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