I've just read a story about a teacher you fell and became paralysed in a welly throwing competition. He is suing the adventure company for 5 million pounds. Well I'm sorry but can't an accident simply be an accident anymore? People feel they have the right to always blame others these days. Don't get me wrong obviously there are genuine cases who deserve recompense, but so many just want to make a lot of money.
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easy way to get money now a days..

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The system itself has become so corrupt from the top down it sends the message being corrupt is the only way to survive and get ahead in this world.

With but a small understanding

One may follow the Way like a main road,

Fearing only to leave it;

Following a main road is easy,

Yet people delight in difficult paths.

When palaces are kept up

Fields are left to weeds

And granaries empty;

Wearing fine clothes,

Bearing sharp swords,

Glutting with food and drink,

Hoarding wealth and possessions -

These are the ways of theft,

And far from the Way.

Lao Tzu

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You can always find absurd claims, just as you can always find absurdities in every other aspect of human existence. However, people, companies, and governments frequently do things that are careless, or worse, and cause someone else serious harm. There is no good reason why the person or entity which caused the harm should not bear the costs that their conduct has created. It is called being responsible. Unfortunately, we live in a culture in which responsibility is something that should be taken by everyone else.

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indeed the compensation culture is really crazy, I think it started in the U.S.A. and is now running rampant in the U.K. (all those TV ads.) they annoy me too. Nowhere near so bad here yet, but just wait until the lawyers get going, "oh I never realized those risky bonds could be a risk" and all that guff.

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Agreed. If it's your fault, deal with it

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