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so i have never met them tbh, and he is always like my kids are perfect they would never act like this when ever i do something wrong also he will be like my kids look perfect, i know i am not the prettiest person out there but still. also he says he does not want me and my little sister. also he talks about how i have a learning disorder so itt harder for me to make all A( i never have-_-) and he is like my kids always make all A's and stuff like that my little sister went crying my grandma about all of this and she told my mom that if she did not break-up with him than she would try to take us in, because she does not like him. and he just keeps on going on it about how perfect his kids are and he was NEVER like this before sept. in fact he was super nice and like a father to me because my real dad was abusive, so why am i always compared
CaitlinStar CaitlinStar 13-15, F 3 Answers Jan 18, 2012

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He is doing that because his true character is coming out. People put their best foot forward when they are trying to impress someone and now that he feels like he's been accepted he is showing his true colors. The person who should put a stop to this is your mother. Shame on her if she doesn't. <br />
<br />
In the meantime you should change your username to WorthyChild. The only time that negative words can hurt you is when you accept them as true. Your subconscious hears something being said over and over and after a while it accepts what is repeated as true...BUT you can deliberately say positive words about yourself MORE OFTEN and then that is what your subconscious will believe. This is the most important information that I can possibly give you. Protect your mind with all your heart.

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