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yeah, at work but i guess that goes with the title.

but hold your head up high, don't let other peoples opinions get you down.

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i have to ask who is in control of your life. then i have to ask to whom you give credit when you do something right?

if you are in control of your life, then you can only blame yourself. that is a learning process. blaming others is a fine example of immaturity. remember, the fool scoffs at instruction. assigning blame and hence responsibility is also instruction. dont scoff at it

seems i didn't read the question closely. lol! (too much on my mind, time to snort some cyrstle draino). if someone tries to blame me, they are simply immature if the fault is theirs. i will stand accountable for what i do, but i will NOT take the blame for the errors of others.

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Ahhh, the wonderful world of matrimony.

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how did you ever guess

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