So I'm obsessed with our fallen heroes in Iraq & Afghanistan. I don't know how I became obsessed, why I became obsessed or when I became obsessed. My cousin served as a Marine in Iraq.. his first deployment began in early 2003 and he deployed a few more times as well. He's no longer enlisted. My Uncle is retired and was in the Army Reserve and served in Kuwait in 2003 as well. I constantly look up fallen hero graves and everything. I read about them everyday. There's this one girl, named Sam Huff, who died in Iraq in 2005. She was 18 years old when an IED hit near her military vehicle. I have the book called "American Daughter: The Sam Huff Story" which is about her life and the documentary/tv movie "Taking Chance" which is about when a Marine named Chance Phelps who died in Iraq and his body was brought back home. I'm also attracted to military guys, not for their money or benefits. But I always want to date a military guy and they end up treating me like crap. I have more books.
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As a (female) veteran I would suggest that you channel your support for the military in a healthier way. Perhaps you could volunteer at your local VA, not to mention you would meet a ton of vets everyday. There are good ones! (But only a few cuz that's all the Marines were looking for!) tee hee

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Sounds like for the wrong reasons, maybe they make you feel safe initially ?

I would say get some counseling and talk about these issues .

You may find when you have dealt with things you will see more clearly,


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Wow im suprised theyd treat you like crap....i was guessing its because theyre honorable guys you sound like a sweet lady i pray the best for you!

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As a vet I hate to admit it but lots of 'em are real a$$holes!

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damn that sucks

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