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Hello everyone, I had joined dentistry 6 years back and right now I am in my final phase. I joined dentistry in the year 2006, so it must have been finished by 2011. I lost 2.5 years because i mistook my hobby (playing music) as another profession which I thought I could pursue. But looking at the reality i.e., mom and dad being doctors, I am not suppose to be anything else except a Dentist. During those wasted 2.5 years I did not take my study seriously and to be frank I did not study at all. As there was a long gap in between I have lost the grip which I had on my subjects during my first 2 years. Now, I am facing lot of difficulty in going back to my study and I get nervous when I open my books because everything looks new and I find that I do not know anything! Every topic I read terrifies me because I find that I am not able to understand them just the way I used to do before this gap. Please help me with some method to be thorough with my subjects!
drkailashrathi drkailashrathi 22-25, M 1 Answer Jan 4, 2013 in Self Improvement

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