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did you mean bright blue FISHES lol

Seriously, no its not migraine's beginning , its general weakness.

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It could be the blood vessels in your brain are constricted. I've had this. I take an aspirin and it goes away.

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maybe. Why not see a doc?

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There are a number of reason why you might experience this; I discovered this when I looked into floaters appearing in my vision where ‘flashes’ are mentioned too. What you will get is opinion, observations, likelihoods and maybe’s in asking here. I could give you a list of what it might be and a list of what it might not be, but that isn’t going to help you to do what is best.

What *is* best is that you make an appointment to visit your G.P. (initially) and talk this over. He/She will give you lots of reasons and variations of reasons why you are experiencing these flashes and will, no doubt, send you for further consultations to get to an accurate appraisal of your situation.

Go visit your G.P. and let Him/Her look you over, because it makes sense that you do :-)


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I have heard of people getting migraines seeing flashing lights (no idea about what colour)

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