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I been on here for over 5 hours shame on me .. just asking all kinds of questions ..I even feel like asking some of those child hood questions like ... "where do babies come from" ...oh wait !!!rewind..... I found out 16 years ago after my son was born ) lol but you know what I mean! yeah .. or like 'why is the sun so hot'? stuff like that! lol
Toesiana Toesiana 31-35, F 3 Answers Jun 20, 2013 in Embarrassing & Funny

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I don't like facebook either. Probably because being there is like being in a highschool, college or some reunion. You don't want to be there, unless you've got something good to show, that sounds very superficial:

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yes but the irony is that i just got back on face book and was like .. man this just aint me .. i had always felt that .. like @lamppost said ...
"Facebook is for people with a superiority complex. EP is for people like us. and indeed i do feel that way ..i feel like this is more down to earth ...and more laid back so far so good i feel more secure here.. i mean just more family like .. and the trip is that thats what facebook was suppose to make us feel but then it just turned into something strange.. lol

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