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Okay so here's the thing, I'm bi-curious. Meaning I'm not sure if I like boys AND girls.. so I'm just experimenting. I did have a boyfriend, but we broke up so now I have a girlfriend and she just happens to be my bestfriend/lover at the same time. We only act like best friends though because we never even kissed, and the problem with my boyfriend was that I was too shy to kiss him/too scared etc. So he left me. There has been many times where me and my gf would come close to kissing.. but we're both just too coward I guess. Will I ever have my first kiss? School year is ending and I'm moving this summer.. so chances are I'm never going to see her or anyone ever again.
Simplylove25 Simplylove25 18-21, F 3 Answers Jun 8, 2013 in Struggles

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You will have your first kiss, and I hope that when it happens it's with someone you really care about. If it isn't with your current gf it will be with someone you meet where you move. I know adults telling younger folks to be patient isn't really what they want to hear, but it is worth the wait. If it happens with your current gf, great. But someone's gonna have to make a move if it's going to happen at all. But do it because you want it to be special, not because it's something you want to get out of the way and done with. Take care. :-)

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I don't think you're afraid of it, necessarily. I think kissing is partially about timing, and guts. You might be afraid to mess up, or kiss at an inappropriate time or be afraid that she won't kiss back. Don't rush things. Go on a date, and when the timing's right, look at her lips and go for it.<br />
Then again, I've never been kissed. So. You should probably take advice from someone experienced.

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Awww - you gotta at least give her a good buy kiss... oh, and keep in touch with here even if you are accross the state, country or globe, you are just inches from the internet.

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