I never feel like doing anything. I sleep half of everyday away and I hate getting up. I don't feel like looking for a new job. I don't feel like going and getting exercise. I don't even feel like getting out of bed in the morning. Idk whats wrong with me. Help?
Skytelz Skytelz 18-21, M 9 Answers Oct 28, 2009

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try this for three weeks.

1) don't hang out with your normal friends [especially if you're gonna party with them]

2)don't smoke pot, drink, or bring in anything drug like into your system [except maybe might need it]

3)eat 3 well balanced meals a day. be sure to include raw broccoli every day for the first week and then at least once a week for the last 2

4)Go to a local church at least once a week. Pick your flavor and your service time, but go. I don't even care if you're not a christian. It's a place of purity and peace with a larger focus.

5)get out of bed everyday and take a walk outside, no matter how cold or crappy it is. [be sure to dress for the weather]

6)don't hang out with your usual friends

7)don't do drugs or drink

8)take as positive of an outlook on everything you encounter in life that you can.

did I make myself clear, my dear? try it for just three weeks. If you don't like it, fine. go back to life as usual and get so high you forget it all. I don't care. just try it once.

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I'm not sure.... try reading some positive books or go see a psychologist for a couple of weeks. Find something that means the world to you and use it to help you push yourself and work towards certain goals. Just like when someone listens to music while they jog. The music which they like distracts them causing them to not focus so much on their tiredness. This may cause them to run or jog harder than they would have if they were focusing on their breath and how much longer they have to run. For instance... maybe you have a crush on a guy. You have an exam to do.... tell yourself if i ace these exams is sure to ask me on a date. I don't suggest using a boy though. You may use an object or prized possession as well.

You could also read, The 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Teenager, or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Put positive quotes and thoughts on your wall.

Try doing excercise.... and taking vitamins (chewy)

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my story is the same as yours. i could echo every line you wrote. have things improved yet?

sometimes, when i wake up, i just don't want to face the day. it makes me think of a song by starfield called, "I hate the world today". Here's a good cover:

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Sounds like you're depressed. For some people depression manifests itself by completely sapping your motivation and energy.

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The pot is makin' u lazy, u need to go on a vacation from the pot of course, lol

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you should find something you are interesting in. like sport drawing dancing or watching tv . you should get up first and find something to do . there are many interesting things around you . you need to discover.

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I've kinda got the same thing going on lately. I've started sleeping so much, I sleep right past my alarm and miss classes! But I know I just do it because when I'm depressed I don't want to do much else. Are you depressed?

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