My entire life makes no sense. I try to find people I can relate to but am unable. My life has been SO weird that I have no idea how to structure my life to get it moving again. Do you have a weird life? As in, you try to find a person, in books, internet, or in real life to relate to but you just can't find someone enough like you and your circumstances? Please share. Thanks.
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Trust me, if you're weird now, you will always be weird. I've been weird my whole life, it never goes away. I firmly believe people change.. but not weirdness, in fact it may even grow with time. I've never found a single person I can relate to. I've had a lot of friends, most of those friendships have gone now but I have accepted that. I'm perfectly happy with my weird life. My advice, get a dog. My dog is almost 5 and I definitely know he is the only one who truly understands me, I think it has something to do with the way we communicate since he can't talk. :) Also, having a dog will teach so much about life and love and happiness that you can't even imagine until you've done it, like most of life and advice. I'm athletic, attractive, smart and funny and yet I've never been able to connect with people. I'm extremely friendly and I'm a great person, but I've always felt like people are the weird ones. They care about weird things and do weird things. My advice, don't worry about being weird and just be you, as weird as you are.

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Thank you. That was great.

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Abso-friggen-lutely. I'm so weird, even the weird people are keeping their distance...


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Funny. THanks.

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To put a finer point on it, I'm like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I don't get the jokes, I miss the social cues that everyone else seems to get. I make verbal faux pas all over the place and I trip walking across a perfectly flat surface. I aced Organic Chemistry but barely passed Econ. I wasn't realizing how glib my initial reply was, so I'm sorry for that. I have an exacting sense of morality, but the strongest urge toward compassion and empathy. I spend great lengths of time trying to sort out the "why" of what I do, and trying to improve myself. I fail often and don't generally get my skirt blown up over it...though others seem to fall completely apart. I have found one or two people like me, but their own exacting standards were no easier to manage than mine and they ended up having expectations that were so unattainable that we pushed each other away. It IS frustrating. I know, somewhere, out there, is my tribe...

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i understand completely.. its the 2 -1 x that by 33 usually = 0

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If you think you're weird, have you ever:

-flossed using a bobby pin

-talked to shapes in your ceiling

-had romantic relationships with mirror images of yourself

-touched yourself "in there" before you knew what fingering was

-had discussions with sexually active lights

-kept and named a 5-foot pole under your bed

-made ice cubes out of your own spit

-swallowed your snot as a break from bland-tasting saliva

-bred pinecones

-attempted to set a world record for the highest place that someone's peed

-jumped and down during a field trip yelling "I'm humping the air"

-dressed up as Stalin for the fun of it (or for Halloween)

-made a list recapping these weird things

-named your phone 0rgy

-named your phone (and/ or everything else)

-called yourself "Silly little honey bunchkin" when you talk to yourself

-eaten rice that you picked up on the way to the period after lunch

-stuck your comb, the back side of your razor or a toothbrush, and/ or another common long toiletry into your vagina

-kissed the foreign exchange student <3

-decided that you are a proton (or neutron or electron, whatever the case may be)

-jumped on your boyfriend while you guys are both laying down and you're on top of him

-made a Facebook for an inanimate object (like your pole)

-worked out with weights so that you could carry your boyfriend around or at least pick him up sideways

-dreamt about being in a 3some, drowning beans, or dating your dad

-come up with nicknames with your boyfriend to use (as well as a completely different person) when you guys are being 'just friends'

-entered a relationship that lasted 12 hours and that was it

-subconsciously written a book in your mind, taking note and making changes to the wording ot each event that occurs

-created several languages/ codes

-used saliva when you're desperate because your legs are dry

-moaned sexually after shaving your 'cactus' whenever you would bend over

-talked to your named water bottle beside your bed

-named your boobs

-named your boyfriend's penis

-fallen asleep in the shower

-held your pencil weird

-liked making yourself sneeze

-written a list of how weird you are

-eaten spinach on oatmeal or cinnamon on Swiss cheese (REALLY good btw)

-written an essay about peeing in the lawn

...just curious.

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hmmm it depends on my mood. Sometimes it makes sense sometimes it doesn't. You might not fully relate to someone, or not relate at all but I think instead you should be searching for a friend who understands :)

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I feel the same way and I am 28, people just live on a level that makes no sense to me. I go about my daily life but ppl just seem like ignorant drones and when i do finally find people on my level they seem to be self indulged to an extreme in which makes me feel awkward. I am pretty sure money is the root/route of this ignorance because the more I have the more society seems to like me. I just don't get why I see how superficial life is and other choose to live in ignorance. I feel like everyone is out to judge me to make themselves feel better and in return i stair at them and think why do you think ur so awsome when u havn't done anything for anyone other than urself. U don't use the right grammar ppl hate u, u say something wrong on accident ppl instrantly think they are smarter, I just don't get why ppl claim to be things they are not than judge ppl like they are.

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i just dont understand, anything. i can't relate to people or keep friends for very long no matter how hard i try. I've tried to figure out why but i never do. I'm smart and get good marks, i've been offered modelling deals, i do sport, i go out into the world, but for some reason i dont fit in. sometimes its all too much and i wonder what my purpose is in life, but then i remember that its good i'm weird and that unique. Its honestly useless to worry about superficial things like popularity, i guess then i'm a bit of a loner, but the weird people in your life are truly the most valuable, never forget that

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I am very weird, i try doing things i am incapable of doing, i wonder about life, i think alot about what it would be like when your dead, i like neon bright colorful things but yet love creepy dark things, i like to tell people my name is cheeseburger, i wish i were a dog, i walked around my neighborhood like a dog, i dont care what other people think of me , i get mad at myself for being weird, then i think of how awesome i am for being weird,i have a fursuit ,i like to draw,not saying thats weird, i am to old for stuffed animals and lps, i can't figure out myself, i tell myself i'm bad then ask myself what i did that was bad, i am creative, i can't concentrate on stuff, i belive that i can do anything then give up or fail, i hate my feet, my feet and hands have names and conversations with eachother, thats me.

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I'm weird... I was born with chronic lung disease and a gluten sensitivity. I wear glasses - classic nerd material. I try hard to do things right. I'm a perfectionist. I hate gossip. I feel like the only one at my school with a brain sometimes. I want to be a singer. A singer with chronic lung disease... even I am skeptical. I'm quiet and shy. I've never gone on a date. No one has ever asked me on one except as a joke. The only people who have called me attractive are creepy dudes online. I'm going to my senior prom without a date, for the third year in a row. The only crush I've ever had I never even talked to. My entire family is addicted to computers. I like music and art. Sometimes I play minecraft or black ops. Sometimes I play sims or pokemon. I like doctor who. I wish there was someone who thought I was cool. I wish someone would ask me to prom. I wish I wasn't sick. I wish I would stop pitying myself. Okay. I'm done now.

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I personally love my weirdness. People generally say I'm funny, cute, pretty, hyper, crazy, super friendly, too nice, among other things. I just consider myself me. I once had a time in my life where I didn't know who I was. And I tried sooooo hard to find it. I thought it meant being popular, liking certain things, and actin a certain way. Then one day I gave up and just stopped trying. Surprise, surprise, I found myself, and I love who I am. And yes, that involves a weird side. Mucho weirdo. My originally came out (something I never before thought I had), and I'm excited to say that I have my own thoughts and opinions about my life and the things in it. I realized my favorite color wasn't the standard blue or pink I thought it was. It was green. I didn't like being popular. I enjoyed the weirder kids more. They're company was more... Fulfilling. I loved running backwards, laughing at my own jokes, screaming randomly, singing louder than the radio, acting crazy on all occasions, and actually being happy for once. My aunt even accused me of taking drugs (which I was not). I was just happy. I found myself, and I realized that the only standard there is of life is you. Weirdness is only another color in this world, so wear it proud.

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Thats ok everyone is weird in someway or another. Sometimes I find it hard to relate to people too is a natural feeling

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I have done pretty wierd things in my life too because I could not cope with things I had to face, I'm a libra and I have been going through so many ups and downs in the late years, well anyways... Then I started following sites that give you astrological advice and you'll find it wierd maybe but there are so many influences on one's life, everybody has a destiny, believe it or not, but it is all written in the universe and its best to go with the flow and not batter your-self. If you are the way you are be, yourself, unless you hurt an other soul its OK to be yourself and my advice is try to find out who you truly are. Astrology is a science it's not physic stuff, you'll be so surprised when you discover your path in life, all souls are not sent here to become success stories but every soul is sent with a mission: to taste the human experience, if you delve into this and research you'll understand and even if it's not so, (the skeptic me ; ) ) you'll feel more calm.

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My life seems to be getting weirder and weirder as it goes on. I've always felt kind of lost, never any real sense of direction or passion. I always had friends coming up and seemed to be liked but was shy around women. So, enters drugs into my life.......lots of women, lots of sex but no spiritual or emotional forward 16yrs of drug use and I'm now 38yrs old and living with. parents(which is weird in itself). I call myself trying to get it together but am struggling, I feel so weak willed at times, such a lack of discipline, I like to learn but really don't know what I like to learn. Still no real passion except in bedroom, to top it off I've developed a mental illness from yrs of drug use. So now I'm weakwilled, somewhat mentally ill, and kind of lazy, which makes for a weirdo, oh yeah and not very self confident, all great characteristics right(yeah for a weirdo,loser). To make matters worse I'm attractive but feel like I don't have much to offer a good woman (gods cruel joke). So here I am here I am growing older,lonelier, and weirder and it sucks. I just want to have a normal life and don't even know if I'm capable of that at this point.

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I have a ton of friends they all like me, but its because im a chameleon, I just don't understand why I can't form opinions about anything, I can't think for myself so i will never be my own person, it is just really depressing sometimes, I just wish i could actually look at something and tell whether or not i like it...

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I'm weird too, but i like to think myself as limited edition. Similarly You people are not weird, you guys are just limited edition:)

Be proud of who you are ,regardless of what other's might say. Have a positive attitude in life then things will eventually brighten up for you'll. Yes, getting a pet is a good idea. A dog would be excellent as it would be a great loyal companion , it'll understand you, no matter what:)

Sorry for my English...

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Hello weird community of the world i myself am sooo weird i dunno what it is its just i Am. i was at a bar tonight and i was soo bored and couldnt find enough ppl to re act with me that i ended up in a part of the bar that i could be alone and just let the weirdness poor out of me in my head then i decided that i had to get out of there fast so i chugged my rum and coke and got out of there and i walked home for miles just thinking about weird things like my past my child hood and other stuff i went into some weird phases while walking home.

any ways just so you know this happends often drunk or sober one night i went for a jog at 2 am in the morning just randomly everyone thinks im weird ever since i was in gr 2 ive been the strange fellow with nice green eyes. even tho i am so weird its unbelievable i love it i have fun with it i love being weird your brain thinks so much harder as a weird human being.

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Hasn't anyone every told you that Normal is a setting on a Cloths Dryer ?

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Oh, my God, how many people on this site talk about feeling weird? Just accept it. Or, if you don't like the way you are, if it doesn't work for you, change it. If you have behaviors and thoughts that bother you, work on them - read, expand your thoughts, find new ways of seeing the world. And avoid the self-help junk. Read interesting books about unusual people, and understand how they navigated the world.

If you like the way you are, leave yourself alone. Cut yourself a break.

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I yam what i yam what i yam...........Be proud to be you. My weirdness is me.......Don't worry so much and get a dog. There isn't much that my mother taught me but she did say that if u stop looking u will find it. Very very true. Also, be careful what u wish for. Sometimes we forget to just enjoy what we have. It will change. Stop looking and u will find it.

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I am weird and I feel perfectly fine about it. I feel like people come and go and of course there were times I was wandering is that normal or whether should I change, but these doubts fade with time. I perceive that many people waste time on silly things. I know that happiness could only be found through followig your own philosophy and trying to be really good at what you like the most. If you feel like you're weird and try to change yourself by force, it will only end up bad and you'll be back to being weird again if you want a normal(for you) and happy life(ironically). If you are weird there's probably a reason for it and trust me, a positive one!

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Sometimes, when i am laying in bed at night or maybe when i have had a hard day, i silently think about life and sometimes, the picture of life that is before me is suddenly out of place weird. i mean to say that it is like i am taking in this information of the world and the way that it looks but somethings seems off. like i can stand there or whatever and my head just sinks in a state of "reality check" as if to say, "Here you are, in this world tying to figure things out and nothing makes sense. and its endless. I begin to think about the world and God and me and my place in it. I think about how the world will be without me, because it seems that it was rolling around with me in it. Then, i go get these weird thoughts, like what if the world was like this or like that--yet, then, it is not and i am looking at my life and it's colors and i think, ...weird.. Like, how is it that this world lived way before us, seriously? And yet, social security numbers are endless...or maybe i think about nothing and i just realize that my atmosphere about me is 'noticeable' and sort of brings about an odd thought pattern.. I know that my thoughts are not harmful. they are the results of imagination. I don't know where the hell i get my imagination but in some senses, i appreciate that i have this masterpiece mind to throw things all together and make it work for my logics. still trying to find someone who knows what it is like to look at the world in front of us--the lives we live everyday and then all of a sudden, WHY questions about life come about and the world and it's everything seem a little too much to comprehend realistically

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