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I've heard it said that women's sexuality is much more plastic than men's, meaning that it's not as rooted in genetics. It's possible that your bad experiences with your husband have turned you gay because you're under the impression that women are softer or kinder or understand you better or I don't know what. Maybe you're seeking emotional intimacy that you can't find with your husband. I'm not sure.

For reasons I'm uncertain of, my sister-in-law told me a year ago that she might be gay. My brother's a sociopath that has difficulty relating to people, emotionally. His response was to announce shortly thereafter that he wants five more children. Since she can't support herself, she has little option but to play along. After all that breeding and those years spent breeding, she'll doubtlessly feel hopelessly trapped and unable to do anything other than endure any behavior he choses to throw at her.

Make good choices.

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A lot of married men seem to develop increasingly strong sexual feelings for other men in middle age too.

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My guess would be that you would just like to explore more of what life has to offer(Bi sexual)

It's allmost allways better t explore with your hubby if possible!

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If you want a stable, steady life, no conflicts, no hassles, then keep your status quo as is and don't do anything to shake things up. If you want the life you have but also want women, you could have affairs with women and be careful enough not to get caught. If you want an honest life as a gay or bisexual woman, you are going to have to have a talk with your husband and tell him the truth. Maybe his reaction could tell you how best to cope.

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Is it possible to turn gay? I thought you either were or you weren't?

I think you may be bisexual.

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