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My smoke detector went off and I founf my little sister in the kitchen over the sink with a little fire in it. SHE WAS BURNING MONEY! She took out $5000 out of her trust fund (thank god she wasnt allowed to take out more than $5000 at a time) and she was burning it! Because her "boyfriend" said she was a brat and only cared about money. So she thought if she burned her money he would like her. WTF! Don't burn your money! Thats enough to get her a second prom dress! She spent $6000 on her first one. Why do grade 8's even go to prom its mostly grade 12's anyways. But anyways back to the point. I didnt like this girl so I made up the excuse that I was breaking up with her because I only date blondes and she dyed her hair. And a different girl I said I dont date people close to my height even tho she was only like 5'4 and she bent her knees ever time she was around me as if I thought she was shorter then. Girls shouldnt change themselves its stupid. Guys dont why do they?
ZacS9 ZacS9 16-17, M Jun 16, 2014 in Community

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