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identity issues? I see some whites pretending to be black too, much really like the whole lot of blacks, what the hell?
indigowitch indigowitch 22-25, F 6 Answers Sep 2, 2012 in EP

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Not sure why it bothers you. Do you want to be sure you know who you're talking to so you can discriminate against them ? Because why would the person's colour matter otherwise ?

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I agree, sister.

Best Answer I want to know why they discriminate against themselves, since this was written a while back when a black guy was harassing one of my friends saying she must date black guys since he hates his own race, he only wants white girlfriends.

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... and he had a profile pic of white people too... as if he hates being black or something.

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How terribly sad. But that's just one individual, right ? The question sounded like there were several.

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Maybe they don't want racist remarks thrown at them. You should see how racist the users are on MMORPG games when everyone knows they're playing against a black person. It's like everyone gangs up on you. This is still a very racist world. I have my pic as an avatar and I'm happy to be black, but others hide because they think that's safer.

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