Children are smarter faster and more creative but every generation seems to grow closer to an emotional black hole.
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"born more intelligent?" I didn't know that. I guess Moms are showing flash cards to them while they are still in the womb.

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James R. Flynn discovered that IQ scores increased from one generation to the next. This interesting phenomena has been called "the Flynn Effect."

Tests like the Ravens, the Jenkins test, and the Horn test are examples of tests that attempt to measure fluid intelligence. These tests try to emphasize problem solving and minimize a reliance on specific skills or familiarity with words and symbols. These tests on average have shown an increase of about 15 points or one standard deviation per generation.

Tests like the Wechsler-Binet and purely verbal tests measure crystallized intelligence in addition to fluid intelligence. Some questions on these tests measure problem solving abilities but others measure learned information such as vocabulary and math skills. The IQ gains for these tests have been more moderate, with an average of about 9 points per generation.

The rest of my answer would have dealt with common sense being gained from experience, but you have already chosen your best answer, AFTER LESS THAN 1 HOUR, so I won't waste the time!

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Its because man has forgotten how powerful he really is and allows himself to be enslaved and dictated to by the greedy, evil powers that be, otherwise known as the illuminati. They want to keep us ignorant by filling our heads with meaningless, pointless facts and figures known as 'education' and then making us work while they take our money and laugh at our stupidity.

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What do you mean about the emotional black hole?

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come on dude...that q in itself is ignorant

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