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We all have our letdowns - I sense you have had a disappointment lately.<br />
<br />
Care to share?

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Its difficult to share the exact details. But yes i am a bit disappointed. Something i put alot of planning into didn't go as planned. And really i am unsure what aspect of things has disappointed me the most :/

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Sorry to hear that. These things happen and all we can do is learn from the experience to make sure we don't repeat the outcome.

I find it helps to honestly appraise whether we made the best decisions we could with the information available - If we didn't - what could we do better. If we did, then that is the most we could do and you should not beat yourself up.

Two things :

If you could have done better - Next time do better.

If the problem was outside your control - just make sure you are aware of it and move on.

If you want to message me with more detail perhaps we could talk.

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