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Because god declared women should be submissive to men? And don't yell at me -- I'm an atheist and had nothing to do with writing anyone's holy books.

The word of Jesus doesn't apply to people who have other beliefs. Didn't Solomon (among others in the Hebrew Testament) have multiple wives and concubines. And Mohamed I think limited wives to four. The Mormons in Utah basically turned away from traditional polygamy in order to gain admittance to the US as a state. Etc., etc.

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I would NEVER yell at a chipmunk. But Jesus said that each man should have only one women, and yet plenty of guys have more than one women. So if men can break the rules, how come women can't. Especially if half the people now don't even believe in God!

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mkay - i'll bite.

the original premise of the female harem (long socially acceptable in certain prechristian and nonchristian cultures as well as a couple of christian cults) was ostensibly so that the guy could have lots of kids/heirs. a female with a male harem doesn't yield that result, so there's no pragmatic rationale for it.

women certainly "can" break the rules as much as men do - except men are congratulated for it and women are ridiculed for it. why? i dunno - people are stupid.

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i think that if you have enough money, you could probably have a male harem. do you think that it has anything to do with male dominance and being filthy rich? i suppose that it's acceptable in certain cultures, but not in others. it also depends on the group of people that you run with socially...

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an all male harem?

i hope every guy is in a skirt

then i would be there with bells on

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I did not know such harems existed-but would not want to join in-to each their own though is what I say.

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