Often it seems parents are this strange species that makes rules and passes out chores and expects their offspring find a gf/bf, marry and have kids. They also want their kids to become doctors and lawyers then get all bent out of shape when the kids grow up to be plumbers.<br />
Parents also seem to never remember what they wer eliek as kids. they forget they dated, had th eodd poor grade in school, fell down and got a scraped knee or went skinny dippin'. they become overprotective and try to prevent all the 'bad' things form happening to their own kids.<br />
On the flip side we find parents who should never have had kids. They do little or nothing for them, wish they didn't have them and generally make their kids lives into a living hell.<br />
But no matter wat a lot fo the kids seme ot turn out okay, grow up, forget their own childhood and turn themselves into one sort of parent or another - for good or bad. <br />
One might draw th econclusion of this all being a vicious circle.

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