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dolly99 dolly99 41-45, F 5 Answers May 5, 2012

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Getting money changes everything for sure. It's like being starved for a long time then the abundance of more, better and choices is too hard to give up. Some would share & others would hoard the bounty.

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Most who are okay without money don't have it, and won't come into it. So it's more of a state of being they've accepted than anything. There are a few who are able to have more money and aren't interested.<br />
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Unfortunately, money makes the world go around. It determines where you live, what you eat, the medical care you receive, etc. Anyone who gets greedy does so because that's the type of person they are. Money is simply a tool. People choose how to use it.

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some of us are okay without money because we have to be. I have no money and no way of getting any, so for me the choice is being okay or not being okay. I'd rather be okay.

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