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Janie is sitting in the sandbox. Susie sits down next to her.

Janie's mom is an alcoholic, and she didn't even have her hair brushed before she was dropped off at preschool. Susie has her hair in spiral curls, with a bow.

Janie's shirt is dirty and the thread is unraveling along the seam. Her shoes are also a bit too small. Susie has on new clothes and some pretty red Mary Jane's.

Susie is giggling about how funny her dad was that morning, when he made special waffles for breakfast with strawberry syrup. Janie didn't get breakfast that morning, and she hasn't seen her dad since she was two.

In a perfect world, Janie would be happy for Susie, and Susie wouldn't flaunt the things that she has. In a perfect world, everyone would have their needs met, and people wouldn't always be comparing their lot to what they see others have. As it is, we do, and we also have a tendency to imagine that others are being fulfilled in some way that we aren't. Then there are those who want more and more and more because they are trying to fill some void within themselves. I suppose that some people find comfort in things, and it's true that other people often accept us based on how valuable we seem, whether it's about what we have or how we look.

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Good question, it is rather annoying when you have nothing for years then you buy something and people put you down straight away like its ok for you to live in the gutter when they are riding on the crest of the wave, i do not care what others have, but a few like to brag how much better than you they are because they have more goods or monies. *sigh* humans.

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ambitions.... lust...ego..greeed....:)

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human nature?

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Beat me to it! It is indeed our "human" nature which is prone to envy, jealousy, etc., tho our "true & divine" nature has no need for any kind of comparisons!

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I don't think i'm jealous of anybody

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