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Mostly out of insecurity.

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If people are mean, it's because they don't care enough about you not to be mean.

Drop them like a hot coal and go in search of your own kind.

Let the mean people be mean out of your space where it can't affect you.

It helps to think, "Karma will get you back for that, I don't have to."

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people are mean when they feel WEAK and overcome .. some are mean just for the kicks they get when they see someone hurting ..and that is SICK

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They are lacking love.

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If you see someone as being mean, it's because that's the way you are reacting to it. Is a lion mean because it kills and eats a deer? Is a man mean when he rejects your feelings?

My answer is "People are mean because that's how you see it."

Nastiness is in the eye of the reactor.

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Because it makes them feel better about themselves

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I think I might I was SO stressed out. I had a lot of things I needed to accomplish....high frustration level....and in addition to needing to meet a deadline, I needed to go shopping for food, make a lasagna, and arrive on time at an Executive Board Meeting. The stores were packed, and so were the parking lots. It was like a Saturday even though it was Monday. I couldn't understand why there were SO many people!!!! It was a mob scene!!! And of course the fast self check out machine didn't work....the buttons wouldn't work. I made my lasagna with minutes to spare, and I decided I would JUST have time to go to the pharmacy...which was mobbed.....WHERE were they all coming from? And some jerk woman decided that the line was backwards....and that she could cut and go the other way and get out faster.

I was late by the time I got out.....and got behind a big green truck all the way to the meeting.

He was going really slow.

And THAT is why people are so mean sometimes. Okay,,,,,I talked to the guy in the truck the whole time I drove behind him.....I told him how lucky I was that I got to drive behind him....that this was my lucky day....and so on....

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drinking alcohol often makes people become mean and selfish. My wife takes two drinks and turns into a raving lunatic, meaner than hell. I can't stand it!

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Sometimes? HA!

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