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Where to start.. Conflicts, when a conflict happens in a friendship, or relationship, we are so quick to only say how we feel, and to stick by that. We never try to see the other persons feelings, and just accept how they feel also. I ended up switching whos family Id be going to on christmas. (Im going to my boyfriends familys now instead of mine) I know its sad and a hard issue, but It was my decision and in the end I wish my family could accept that thats the choice I made. Not to be mad, hostile, and dislike him for it. I just wish, they would understand and accept, but they are only thinking of their feelings about wanting me there with them. This goes two ways, I know plenthy of times I dont just accept things ither, Easier said than done. Right? words of wisdom? answers? anyhing?! PLEASE
Paigejparker Paigejparker 18-21 3 Answers Dec 22, 2011

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Demands in the name of love are emotional pick pockets using threats of abandonment to trigger fear of rejection to wrest ill gotten gain from our loved ones. We cannot indulge in this behavior and not feel the shame of a common thief. We abuse and are abused in the name of love but wonder at our antipathy toward close relationship. Everyone who loves someone wants them to be happy and thus would counsel you to do what you want. Anyone who ob<x>jects to you doing what you want probably doesn't love you. The same is true in reverse.

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We are all just larger versions of our child selves, unfortunately most people never really mature(my opinion) so it's the 'basic' childish mode of thinking you know, 'me me me' and the shame that comes when you admit you're wrong, people don't want to seem weak even if it benefits a loved one, sacrifice is hard.

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Thank you! I really like your opinion, a very interesting way to look at it. thank yyou

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