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Is it because those acting like that are revolting?

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We often over use the word, such as when we speak of a revolution in technology.

Applied to history, a successful revolt transfer power and control of finances to a different group of people, who believe themselves operating on different principles.

Hence the Lutheran Revolution transferred a great deal of power and money from the Catholic Church to the aristocracy or secular state. For the people in power, such a change makes a very big difference in their circumstances.

For the general populace the change is much smaller, yet from a spiritual point of view, still highly significant... because now they can receive forgiveness and redemption through their direct relationship with God, rather than being destined for hell because they could not afford to by indulgences from a corrupt church.

In the French Revolutions, a form of democracy arises, quite different to that which evolved slowly in England without any revolution.

But while habits of thought have very powerful holds on individuals and groups of people, when nations rise in revolt for a cause, they carry with them the old paradigms in their mental conditioning, so that the changes remain superficial. Thus the old tendencies soon re-emerge, and we discover no real change has occurred either in our own natures or in the behaviour of the powerful.

So yes, a revolving door, and the word revolution, apt.

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Yup.. Circles that need not meet.. sinusoidal in 3D.. Circles happen only in 2D. Things evolve as they revolve and vice versa.

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I think it's because what was "normal" has been turned completely around.

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I thought it was because people are revolting.

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I figured it was just because Jean Michelle Jarre liked the name!

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