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because it makes you feel small, and simply human... sometimes a nice change from feeling like the center of your universe

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Because we can't get there. The closest planetary system, at the speed of light, would take 8 years to arrive. Then.....we don't know what we would find. That is Alpha Centauri, by the way. It is a binary system. We know nothing of possible moons. We have no means of protecting ourselves from cosmic radiation, even if we had the means to achieve at least near light-speed. We are fasinated because as of this time, it is unobtainable.

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The Moon is a force unto itself, one of both dreams, passion, and change. There is a legend of a being called a Lorialet, or moon child. This is also the root of the term Lunatic. It is said that if a child is born under a full moon, or if a pregnant woman allows herself to stand naked in the full moon's light, that child will become affected by the energy. The child will wander through the world chasing dreams and with their head in the clouds.

As to the stars, I think of them a little more intellectually. To trace the patterns of the heavens is no idle pursuits, and to think about how it affects you and your world is no idle quandary.

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Light in the night sky. Burn bright

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it's them blue pills, my dear

i tried to warn you

............. but you young 'uns always think you know better

take care now

with respect, from robbie

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short answer - because they are amazing. longer answer - because they represent so many things. just look at all the civilizations and all the things they saw in the night sky.

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