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everythinghappens4R everythinghappens4R 22-25, M 6 Answers Sep 28, 2012 in Community

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life and death are one thing. without death there would not be life and without life there would not be death. every cycle in nature is the same. for instance plants die and become nutrients for new plants and rain falls and is evaporated and recreated and falls again. i dont think that people are living just to die, because there is life after death in the sense that at least our bodies become part of the earth again. and even so- who is to say our spirits arent consious after we die? because isnt that what we are? consiousness? if we did not have consiousness we would not exist because we wouldnt be able to recognize our existance. we are yearning or "dying" to live a life that is fulfilling, to feel alive because we are told we are alive. in reality we are just consiousness inside a body thats alive. do do we ever die? does the consiousness ever stop? thats an impossible question to answer. our consiousness. our being could literally float out of our bodies upon death and enter another body. its just impossible to know without first experiencing it.

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You start to die the moment that you are born; we have to learn to live with that.

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hmmm....deep as a grave

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