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Times have changed. Girls used to be taught how to sing, dance and had to be taught at least one instrument. They were also taught athletics and even competed in there own seperate events. Boys went to school, learnt the javelin and athletics (this was ancient years) Now no matter what you do, your child seems to get drunk, high or lose there virginity by the age of 17.... Be it boy or girl.

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I think it starts with potty training.

"Girls, be seated. Boys, stand by."

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Socialization-heterosexual gender roles to establish a sense of normality with barriers of pink and blue

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Men's roles are all expendable ones and so you have to condition boys to think of themselves as second class citizens who are expendable otherwise they do crazy things like getting in lifeboats or refusing to go abroad and get killed while shooting brown people.

Even worse they start refusing to work ****** jobs and paying taxes. So it's essential that boys be dehumanised as soon as possible and taught to think that being an expendable cog in the machine is a good thing.

Women of course are valuable and must be protected no matter how many men it costs and so they must think of themselves as valuable so that they don't take any risks.

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Gender identity dates back to speration of the labor. Men did some jobs while women did others. It continues to a degree now. The jobs would by based on physical ability to some degree. In the case of women, they were/are generallyt more suited to being in the role of a nuturer in the family. To prepare children, adults took to modeling and trianing kids to act in their roles. The lines are a little more skewed now, but they still hold up in most cases. Most men and women look for certain traits in the other gender when they get older. Things they have come to expect from them.

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