Personally, this is something no one i interact with knows about. I can be honest, anonymous if i wish and i can vent.
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I have no life.

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Because I do not know anyone on here and I can be me.

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I am on this site because I can express any positive

opinions I like,

After answering another question about war,

I keep on thinking that it is quite unreasonable

for human beings to allow war to occur on earth.

Nobody can win a war nowadays. It is not one

good party fighting against a bad one. But everywhere

many labels are fighting against many lother abels.

And it is very hard to discover enemies basing on labels.

Humans are good or appear as good while bearing any labels.

Peace makers should seek deeply into soldiers

hearts and enable them to find way to get out of war.

Many are trapped, cheated, forced to do the killing

and they have no spiritual strength to escape.

If refugees are treated better and protected well

then civil wars may also cool down.

It is really ridiculous for human beings to war with

human beings. Sages, thinkers, philosophers...

please turn your thinking actively to the cause of peace.

Peace of mind is peace of the world.

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I came her to vent, and be able to relate to others in my opinions and experiences.

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To See what the rest of the world is doing tonight, to introduce me to the rest of the world, to find out if the rest of the world can tolerate me/ experience me/ learn about me and others like me cause I think if you don't stand up and experience the world, you are missing out on something.

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it's the only place that feel like I can actually talk about things that are on my mind

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interaction in real time

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I want to find like minded women

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It's nice to share stuff that you usually don't go tell random strangers,

it's fun to find people who share your opinion and all that. (:

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Because I have Alzheimers and reading the same questions posted over and over as if they're new each time makes me feel less hopeless.

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Discovered this website by accident, been hooked since

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