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I don't really know the answer to that question. But if you were to ask my sister she could probably tell you more about why. I think it's all relative. But just to give you an example. My sister and myself went to a fancy dress party when we were younger. And she dressed as a nurse. I told her my costume would be a surprise. We were to go to the party at different times. I then phoned her up and said I was going to be coming later. When I slipped off then came straight back again. I saw her standing in a corner on her own when I got there. So with the costume on I put some olives in my mouth. And then I went up to one of my friends to talk to him. He didn't recognise me or realise it was me. So I thought I would try it out on my sister. So I went over to her to talk to her. We got chatting along great together then I asked her to go outside with me. I kissed her and soon she was kissing me too. Then I started feeling her all over. And we started having sex together. We were in and out all night doing the same a few more times. Then I slipped away and I came back in with another costume on. I went up to her again and apologised for being late. The nextt day we took the costimes back to the store. And as we went in I pointed out the same first costume in there. And I asked her if I would look good in it. She looked at me all serious and I asked her what's up. She said nothing much. Then when we left them in the store. The cashier said they had to be checked first. We went back as I looked at my sister. She looked at me with a serious face when she saw it being taken out. I smiled at her and I thought I just know I'm dead now. We got back home and she said to me. So you think it was funny then seducing your own sister. I said not exactly it just happened. We went to our room and she said we will talk about this later. Half an hour later she knocked on my door. And then came in dressed as a nurse again and asked me if I wanted some more *****. And started to suck me

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