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You have to sample before you buy? Wow, I would say buyer beware there's much more to someone than what they look like!

I've met a lot of beautiful people, on the outside, five minutes into a conversation and they turn out to be some of the ugliest people I've ever met:(

Shallow, I think, to make judgements on looks.

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Like that! So true, especially with the upcoming generation. Not all of them but have to say all the ones I've encountered so far with the exception of maybe three! Being very serious.

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Pun intended, Lanyx??

it's because mots dating-agencies will not accept overtly sexual material in their ads. They prefer to attract customers - these are cynical, commercial businesses - customers who want rather more than "a good time" or a one-night stand.

There are dating-services that are purely sexual and they tend to attract prostitutes and assorted other rather dubious characters. As an example, I used to buy the contact-magazine "Matchmaker", and 'met' one or two pen-friends through it, but it became so sleazy that I have stopped doing so. Oddly for a British magazine it always contained a lot of ads from women a few thousand miles away in American prisons.

I would not touch a telephone or on-line dating agency. They are a scam - if not deliberately so then they are certainly not worth wasting time, feelings and money on.

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yeah, but it's kinda like going car shopping from a catalog....ya need to see da goods, right? I mean if I see whip-marks, I know up front to pass...

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