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ok i currently weigh 200 pounds and im 5'9, and im also probably not very good looking, im 14 years old and have never had a girlfriend or my first kiss. although all my friends tell me im the funniest person they ever met and they say im really sweet and i have a great personality, i do take showers daily and have good hygiene, i wear good clothing, no raggedy clothes or anything...... so what could be wrong,
eddievelasco74 eddievelasco74 13-15, M 6 Answers Nov 30, 2011

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By husband is is 5'9" and weighs 325 lbs. I love him with all my heart. He had the same problem growing up. At your age he was about or almost the same height and I think he weighed a little more. He thought he would never get anyone. All the girls thought of him as their big brother because he always helped them with problems, school work and whatever. He has such a big heart. I'm sure you're not ugly. You just have to be patient and things will fall into place. Don't you worry. It will be worth the wait. I also was a misfit. I had problems growing up. I was laughed at, called names etc. All things starting getting better when I got a little older. I didn't think I would have a life or anyone myself. I was normal looking, not ugly, not pretty. We both are happy now.

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Dude, you are 14. And 5'9" is huge for someone your age. My brother was in a similar situation to you and what got him ladies was his confidence. That is a huge turn on for many women.

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oh please dont stress over this<br />
you are young.. 14 is a hard age.. dating at that age is not much fun.. so many games are played.. no one really knows what they are doing....<br />
No one really understands about relationships and what to do or say or how to handle themselves. <br />
Don't take it personal!!<br />
Soon enough you will find some girls who like you and are interested in you...<br />
jr high and high school are just yucky ... hang tight.. it will get better!!!<br />
just be yourself... don't change for anyone!!

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