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People are more retarded than ever. Sad, but true. Nazism never died. It reproduced underground and is now rearing it's ugly fat head and using a Black Guy named Barack OBama as their excuse to mess it all up. (Never underestimate those politicians, left or right because they all swing from the same tree.) He doesn't even realize it. Why do you think all the racist mf'rs are all loud and proud these days? They are thinking that their god , Odin is going to give them some kind of Valhalla. They are no better that extremist Muslims saying that Allah is going to give them virgins. Yeah right, you don't go there unless you have some redeeming qualities, like tolerance for your fellow man. It's such a sick, twisted, devious scheme.

The biggest problem with the world is the way that people (mostly men) twist things so much that people don't even know what to to believe anymore. Men of the earth have totally messed everything up for everyone, in every culture, in every country, in every religion and every race.

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I keep asking the same question in my head for these days.

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Some "differences" are unacceptable, like those differences that hurt others. Let's put those aside for now...

People need to feel good about themselves. There are two basic ways to accomplish this:

1. Actually accomplish something that makes you feel good about yourself

2. Convince yourself that you are, by nature, better then someone else.

#2. is easier and requires less effort, so it's very popular. #2 is responsible for racism, sexism, all prejudice.

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The eternal cry of Rodney King....

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