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HakujitsuSeiten HakujitsuSeiten 18-21, F 6 Answers Sep 30, 2012 in Community

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how do you find that makes sense ! you'd go through so much more pain and you know why because if adults started killing each other younger kids would too you'd watch children killing teenagers teenagers killing adults adults killing the elderly. what your wishing for is war. and you know something else you wrote this down instead of hurting yourself ... i'm a bit of a hypocrite but why bother wishing for death when you don't really want to die

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You should appreciate life more. I've had 42 crazy years. I wanted to die when I was a teenager... many many times. Youth is wasted on the young. There is so much beauty to see in the world. How could anyone not want to be here?<br />
I'm sorry you feel like it's not worth living. If that's the case I guess maybe you could look a little harder for a reason to stick around? The best years of my life were in my thirties. Imagine yourself at thirty. There's a whole lot of fun out there if you don't take things too seriously.

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We can, actually.

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