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My ex bf and I have been fighting for a good month, until last week when he sent me a message that was just plain rude and mean and meant to hurt. He had been very passively aggresive that way, just small sorta insults, to make me seem like I am the issue. This time though he just went off, told me he feels bad for my family, that i'm a terrible person, etc etc. Just attacked me as a person basically. So after giving in, and saying yes i'm messed up, over and over I was just like omg. I just stopped talking to him, blocked him on everything and deleted profiles where I couldn't block him, the only way he could reach me is email. I got an email a couple days after, saying he is sorry. I just feel like the only reason he has reached that place now is because I gave up, like even the arguing. Just seems so silly! and it bothers me still!
ForgetHate ForgetHate 26-30, F 3 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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He sounds a bit controlling. Like he can't let you go, but he wants you to be different somehow. Tries to break you, and then worries that he has actually done it and lost you through it. I knew a guy a bit like that. He would attack.....wait til he got a rise out of me. Then apologize. Then compliment me and build me up...then turn again. But ultimately, it led to him just going off one day. In which he attacked things I couldn't even imagine- down to the way I walked to the kind of luggage I had. REALLY REALLY weird! <br />
And you're is silly. It's like riding a roller coaster, dealing with that kind of relationship. But not in a fun way. Just the kind that makes you dizzy and nauseous and wanting to get off!!

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I am fairly convinced he was a narcissist. While I was still involved with him and in "Wonderland", I ran across some information and then read quite a few books about that type. Fascinating people, but well left alone! I haven't had any contact with him since 2010. It is amazing the sort of hold they can get on you....they are masters at it. But I'm done there. :)

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